Care & support is part of the good news.


we care for all

If you’re at a place in your life where you could use additional care or support, Calvary Church wants to be a resource for you. This is a community of patient folks, who care about the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of all. If you have a need, contact the Church Office at 616.396.7550 with your request. Below are some opportunities you may find beneficial.

Counseling: Calvary partners with Shoreline Counseling to provide professional counseling at a discounted rate. Andrew Gorter has been a trusted resource as a family life therapist.

Addiction Recovery: Families Victorious is a Christ-centered recovery support ministry for those and their families who struggle with addictions of various kinds. There are 3 meetings available in Holland. Attending a recovery support meeting for the first time? Read about what’s like here.

Benevolence: It means ‘good for others.’ We as a faith community designate some of our resources to help out those struggling financially. In those times we come alongside to help pay for an electrical bill, some medicine, or a month’s rent. It is not a simple handout. It is not a long term financial assistance program. Those who continue to struggle financially and need additional assistance are required to work with a financial counselor. To make a request for financial assistance please fill out this form.

Marriage Preparation: If you’re thinking about getting married, we want to come alongside you as you prepare for this life-long commitment and help give you the best possible start. Our Marriage Prep sessions are designed to help couples work through potential areas of concern and enrichment before entering into a life-long, covenant relationship. If you would like more information about starting your Marriage Prep sessions, please contact the church office.

First Responders: Several members volunteer to provide transportation for our elderly and shut-ins. Requests can be made for Dr. appointments and grocery shopping.