We are truly blessed to be a blessing.


Global missions at calvary

Global Missions at Calvary is a radical commitment to follow Jesus into places of poverty and oppression. As we follow Him, we pursue long term change and unleash our congregation to accomplish God’s purpose in the world.

Since 2006, when our church declared a year of Jubilee, Calvary has had the honor of partnering with others in spreading God’s love in practical ways. Calvary Church supports partners in six countries. From bibles to buildings and so much more. Calvary was able to support partners who bring the love of Christ to the needy of our world. Our prayer is that through each of these projects, God’s love is shared and people will come to know him.

Currently, we are supporting both missionaries and organizations in Honduras, Haiti, Zambia, Nepal, Central Asia and Laos. We are truly “blessed to be a blessing.”