From Holland to with love.

Since 2007, Calvary has had a history of giving ourselves, our energies, and our resources to empower and assist our neighbors and friends in Haiti. We partner with local, Haitian led organizations who stand with the residents, know the communities, and can offer tangible and beautiful assistance when needed.

This Spring Calvary parterned with Restavek Freedom Foundation to build a school in the village of Sapotille. Before hurricane Matthew there was a small rickety building functioning as the school with practically no walls, just a roof and little furniture. Calvary would like to bless the community with a new school. Over 400 kids in the community could benefit from a new building, as currently only 180 are able to attend.

Thanks to generous donations exceeding what was needed the School at Sapotille will be built and a few dreams can be fulfilled as well!

Check back for progress on the project and see what other things are done thanks to such generosity from the Calvary Community.