Meaningful conversations in small communities.


learning to become like jesus

Life Groups are our way of living out church in smaller community. In these small communities people enjoy serving, and learning to become more like Jesus together in community.

What happens in a Life Group Meeting?

Every group has its own personality but some common elements happen in most formal group meetings. Groups typically have some kind of study. Many people find that praying in groups is their favorite part of group life. A typical group meeting lasts 1.5 hours. Groups are encouraged to also make room for informal meetings where fun, common interests, and sharing of life can be established.

Where and when do Life Groups meet?

Typically, groups meet in each other’s homes. Often groups rotate offering hospitality to one another. Although each group decides its meeting schedule, many groups find that Sunday evenings work well.

What is the size of a Life Group?

We encourage no less than 3 and no more than 12 people in a group. Those numbers reflect optimal small group relational dynamics.

I’m so Busy. I don’t think I have time for this.

Yeah, we get that. However, in our estimation, developing spiritual friendships with a few is of great importance. We invite you to work at adjusting your priorities toward accommodating that to happen. You will probably find that the time you take to participate in a group of this kind will nurture every part of your life and make it more meaningful.