Global Offering 2019

Camp Hope

Christian Leadership Youth Camp

Since 2007, Calvary has had a history of giving ourselves, our energies, and our resources to empower and assist our neighbors and friends in Haiti. We partner with local, Haitian led organizations who stand with the residents, know the communities, and can offer tangible and beautiful assistance when needed.

Calvary desired to continue our partnership with Hope for Haiti’s Children and expand the Camp Hope facility. This addition will multiply the impact to Haitian children.

Each year, Haitian teens are invited to attend Christian leadership youth camps. These summer camps include time for devotionals, mentorship, discussion groups, and recreational activities. We desired to encourage and equip the Haitian students to become mature Christian Leaders in their homes, churches and communities.

Thanks for your support, much of the wish list items are in process of being built.

Wish List

8 Stall Girls’ Latrine 12,000

Third Girls’ Cabin 15,000

Soccer Field/Recreation Area 15,000

Girls’ Cabin #4 15,000

Four Boys’ Cabins 60,000

8 Stall Boys’ Latrine 12,000

Dining Pavilion 40,000