we are a generous people

Calvary is a community of people living as a reflection of the Kingdom here and now –this includes living gracious and generous lives. We give and receive with joy as we follow Jesus’ example of generosity toward all. Financial support is one of a few ways that we can be part of making measurable change in our cities and across our world. Consider sharing in this joy by giving financially to Calvary.

ways to give

Weekly Gifts
Checks or Cash are received during the Sunday Offering.

Online Giving
Support the Kingdom work of Calvary through our online giving system.  It is safe and easy to use, provides you with uninterrupted giving even when circumstances prevent you from attending services, and provides Calvary with a much-needed consistency to our cash flow.

Text to Give
Text your donation dollar amount to 84321 and follow a quick, self guided setup process.

Bill Pay
Set up Calvary Church in your bill payment accounts through your local banking institution’s website. Payments should be issued to Calvary Church, 400 Beeline R., Holland, MI 49424

Stock Gifts    Donate Stock that’s appreciated in value. You don’t pay capital gain taxes on the profits, and the full value of the stack can be deducted as a charitable donation. Consult with your financial adviser, then contact Marilyn Rietveld to complete the gift transfer.

Amazon Smile
Calvary is now registered with AmazonSmile. Just type “AmazonSmile” into the search bar on Amazon.com and you will be able to change or select Calvary Christian Reformed Church, Holland, MI as your charitable organization. Calvary will receive .5% of eligible AmazonSmile purchases.

Note: We do not accept monies directed toward specific ministries or non-approved funds unless pre-approved by the Governing Board.

Questions? Contact Marilyn Rietveld at mrietveld@calvaryholland.com.

see how we’re doing

Ministry Funds Received Ministry Funds Needed Difference
FEBRUARY 2020 $97,000.05 $115,384.60 -$18,384.55
JANUARY 2020 $98,201.19 $115,384.60 -$17,183.41
DECEMBER 2019 $253,354.18 $144,230.75 $109,123.43
NOVEMBER 2019 $101,384.36 $115,384.60 -$14,000.24
OCTOBER 2019 $101,178.24 $115,384.60 -$14,206.36
SEPTEMBER 2019 $103,789.39 $144,230.75 -$40,441.36
AUGUST 2019 $110,033.45 $115,384.60 -$5,351.15
JULY 2019 $107,136.14 $115,384.60 -$8,248.46
JUNE 2019 $101,358.44 $146,653.95 -$45,295.11
MAY 2019 $95,399.86 $117,323.16 -$21,923.30
APRIL 2019 $124,098.34 $117,323.16 $6,775.18
MARCH 2019 $121,681.20 $146,653.95 -$24,972.75
FEBRUARY 2019 $97,722.59 $117,323.16 -$19,600.57