Haiti Teachers Trip 2016

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Arrival Day – 1

Just a quick note to check in – we all arrived safely yesterday. Flights, luggage, travel – all went amazing considering we had 23 people and over 46 pieces of luggage!!

Students went up to John and Merline’s and we went to Teliben. A huge storm rolled in after we got all our luggage put away and rooms settled.

Now we are off to our first day to teach and cannot wait to see our school family from Haiti 🙂

Laurie Poll

Day – 2

Good morning! Yesterday was an amazing day of teaching. We were thrilled to be back with our Haitian teachers and the day went without a hitch.

The place that the teacher group is staying has very limited access to internet, so don’t be worried if you haven’t heard directly from someone who is here. All are healthy and well and currently getting ready to teach for day 2!

Laurie Poll, Haiti

Day – 6

Good Morning from Haiti.

We are sorry for limited communication but we haven’t had great internet access. The second Summit at CUPS is underway this morning and going well. It’s good to see our friends again. There has been a change to the students plans. There is an illness at Tytoo and one of their kids passed away. Please keep Dell and Renee and all the staff and kids at Tytoo in your prayers as they mourn the loss and care for the sick kids. So our students (rockstars that they are) are doing VBS and games with the kids in Saintard. Thanks for all your support.

Scott Sterenberg, Haiti

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